E. J. Wright, Inc is a privately held California Corporation based in San Jose, CA, USA (DUNS number #96-442-2307)

During the past 15 years we have specialized in world-wide sourcing of large volume plastic raw materials exclusively for sale to our distributor/partner and
end-user/customers located in the People Republic of China.

Our business mission is to meet our customers' rapidly growing demand for plastic raw materials by establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with multinational petrochemical plastic manufacturers, flexible film converters and scrap processors.

Ernie Wright, Jr.
President, E.J. Wright Group

The Wright family has had long-standing personal relationships with China's political leaders and has been involved with China businesses for decades. This wealth of experience makes the E.J. Wright Group extremely effective in sourcing materials for China customers. Ernie Wright, Jr. lived and worked in China for 20 years before returning to the U.S. to run E. J. Wright, Inc. and E. J. Wright, Ltd. from our headquarters in San Jose, CA. While living in China, Ernie worked in business development at the Ministerial Level as well as with National Foreign Trade Import Export Corporations and Provincial and local Government and large scale government-owned production facilities at all levels: top and middle management, technical, and production. Ernie is fluent in Chinese language and has expert skills in business negotiation and technical translation.

Ernie's international career included doing business in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. His industry expertise includes:
- Production Machinery and Manufacturing
- Scientific Instruments and Data Collection systems
- Consumer Industry
- Raw Materials and Product Sourcing
- Business Consulting and Business Development

Ernie continues to travel internationally building relationships with suppliers and business partners around the world.

Listed in the Top 100 US Plastic Recyclers & Brokers by Plastic News 2004.

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